Technical University - Sofia ( is the largest educational and scientific complex of Bulgaria in the field of technical and applied sciences. It has an institutional accreditation assessment of 9.5 (on a scale 10.00) for the period of 2012-2018 years. As the major polytechnic center in Bulgaria, TUS took part in the creation of most of the technical universities and colleges in the country. TUS defines education standards and introduced national priorities for development of engineering education. It has in its structure 14 faculties, Center for information resources, Center for educational and innovation projects, University research complex for innovation and knowledge transfer in the field of micro/nanotechnology and materials, energy efficiency and virtual engineering, Doctoral schools and others. There are two branches in Plovdiv (with two faculties) and in Sliven (with Engineering and Pedagogical faculties).

The demonstration of international prestige, recognition and reputation of TU includes dozens of contracts for mutual cooperation with more than 50 universities in Europe, Asia, North and Central America. The university is a member of many world and European organizations. The university staff is involved in many projects from EU programs.

In the project proposed staff from 3 faculties is going to take part: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Automation and Faculty of Transport. These faculties have more than 200 staff, many laboratories for research and education in the area of Mechanical Design, Process Automation, Mechatronics, Logistics, Robotics, Quality Control, Metrology and Measurement and others. These laboratories have significant experience in many national and international educational and research projects.

Partner’s expertise and the role in the project:


 Partner  Role in the project 


TUS, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

  R&D in supervisory control, management of technical systems, railway freight transportation

  Leader of WP5 - Modelling and real time simulation of marshalling process