HARDER digital SOVA (www.harderdigital.com) is member of Harder Digital Optoelectronic Group. The main company activities are development, manufacturing and marketing of all kind of image intensifier tubes and related components for armed forces, law enforcement agencies and civilian market.

During the last years HARDER digital SOVA became one of the very few leading companies in the field of Image Intensifiers Manufacturing, covering range of Gen I, high performance Gen II and state of the art Gen III Image intensifiers as well as custom made Image Tubes. HARDER digital SOVA is developing, manufacturing and providing state of the art Manufacturing Equipment for Image Tubes and components. Among unique Manufacturing Equipment are processing stations, ultra high vacuum equipment and chemical processing customized equipment.

HARDER digital SOVA standard configuration Image Intensifiers is mainly dedicated for various Night Vision Systems utilized by military and homeland security forces.

Standard Image Intensifiers are available from Generation I, Generation II, Generation III and Premium Technologies.  However, various performance levels are available, personally tailored for individual customer/mission profile requirements. Custom made image intensifiers are widely used in special medical and industrial applications as well in some security night vision applications.

HARDER digital SOVA facility located in the southern part Republic of Serbia in the city of Nis Industrial Zone.

HARDER digital SOVA was established in 1975 as a part of  EI Nis ( Electronic Industry ) in Serbia under the name EI Sova. Basic production was production of image intensifiers tube 1st generation which is later upgraded with the newest technology for 2nd and 3rd image intensifiers tube

In March 2008 HARDER.digital GmbH became a major shareholder of EI Sova after  legal privatization proceedings. From that moment company is working under the name HARDER digital SOVA. From that period company was fully renovated including increasement of production capacity by installing additional machinery and increasing production infrasructure.

HARDER digital SOVA production areas contain 2,200 square meters of specially designed areas including: class ISO-6 and class ISO-7 clean rooms for processing and testing activities, mechanical shop for special die parts and custom stamped parts for vacuum applications.

The production area contains a complex gas pipe infrastructure, providing various types of inert and pressurized gases, as well as a water purifying system for de-ionized water. The entire production area has continuous temperature and humidity level control for uniform process performances. Testing area dark rooms are equipped with electrical, optical, electro-optical, photometric and environmental testing equipment, constantly monitoring final products as well as performing in-process controls. Stringent Quality Assurance procedures, incorporating advanced management techniques, providing every customer with a quality product, on time, every time.

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SOVA, Harder Digital Sova, Serbia

  Development and commercialization of Image Intensifier Tubes and related products

  Leader of WP2 - Prototype development for obstacle detection system