University of Nis - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (UNI) ( has more than 90 researchers in six main research groups: Mechatronics and Control group, Machine Design, Development and Engineering group, Production and information technology group, Transportation and Logistics group, Energetics group and Mechanics group. One of the main research areas of the UNI Machine Design, Development and Engineering group and Transportation and Logistics group are Railways systems and one of the main research areas of Mechatronics and Control group are Robotics and Detection systems.

UNI researchers were involved in many national and international research projects where focus was on intelligent obstacle detection systems or solving raliway problems.

UNI knowledge and experience in developing and implementing intelligent techniques in detection systems and in solving different tasks in Railway systems make them competitive for achieving project proposal objectives.

Partner’s expertise and the role in the project:


 Partner  Role in the project 

UniverzitetNisUNI, University of Niš, Serbia

   R&D in computer vision, machine learning, design and development of information system, railway freight transportation;

  Leader of WPs:

  WP1- Requirements and Specification for obstacle detection

  WP6- Development of web-based information system for supervision and management of marshalling yards

  WP8- Dissemination, communication and Exploitation