One of the main research areas of the Institute of Automation (IAT) at the University of Bremen, Department of Prof. Dr. Graeser ( is robust image processing for real-time robotics and autonomous systems applications. Over recent years, UB-IAT researches have participated in a number of national
(German) and EU projects and have developed vision systems for different applications: vision guided object grasping in assistive robotics, vision based control of robotic follower, gait analysis, advanced driving assistant systems and welding.

UB-IAT knowledge and experience in developing robust vision systems for robotics and autonomous systems, gained in completed and ongoing projects, as well as UB-IAT expertise in coordination of national and international (EU) collaborative projects will be leveraged into the SMART project.

Partner’s expertise and the role in the project:

 Partner  Role in the project 


UB, University of Bremen, Germany

  Project Coordinator, R&D in computer vision

  Leader of WPs:

  WP3- Development of software algorithms for obstacle detection on railway tracks,

  WP9- Project management & coordination

  WP10-Ethics requirements