Conference topics

1. Energy sources and potentials

2. Technologies and plants (furnaces, boilers, combustion chambers, burners for solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, dryers, engines, turbines, equipment and devices of chemical industry, etc.)

3. New and renewable energy sources (biomass, solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, fuel cells)

4. Energy efficiency in industry, civil engineering, communal systems and traffic (devices, equipment, systems, materials)

5. Flow, heat and mass transfer, combustion (on high temperatures, in single and two-phase systems, in fluidized systems, in energy, chemistry and chemical apparatuses and plants, in buildings, agriculture, environment, turbulent heat and mass transfer – turbulence models, CFD technologies, etc.)

6. Testing of operating plants (regime parameters, operation problems diagnostics, efficiency, availability, reliability, pollutant emission, etc.)

7. Experimental investigation of processes (on laboratory apparatuses, pilot plants, demonstration plants and in real plant in work)

8. Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation (of processes, devices, equipment, plants, systems, steady and transient processes, regulation, etc.)

9. Rational energy use (in industry, agriculture, usage of energy potentials, fuel replacement, pinch methodology, reducing of specific consumption, etc.)

10. Environmental protection (emission, fuel replacement, new processes and constructions, equipment for purifying water and gasses – removing of SO2, NOx, solid particles and other pollutants).

11. Reilability of procesess, equipment and plants

12. Automatics and control of processes

13. Water, air and soil quality management

14. Expert systems

15. Energy management in industry and buildings

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