04/10/2016 Shift2Rail Projects Coordinators Info day
13-14/10/2016 Kick off meeting

Presentation of invited paper of SMART topic on the RAILCON 2016 Conference.More info on: http://www.masfak.ni.ac.rs/index.php/sr/2015-03-03-10-24-31/konf-r-nci/z-l-n-railcon

29/11/2017 SMART project was presented at the 1st International Railway Symposium Aachen IRSA2017. 

More info on: http://www.irsa.rwth-aachen.de/

16-19/04/2018 SMART project will be presented at the 7th European Transport Research Arena-TRA 2018.

More info on: http://www.traconference.eu/

18/04/2018 SMART project results were presented at the Shift Freight to Rail: Midterm Event for S2R Projects from Call 2015-2016 & Final Event for Smart-Rail Lighthouse Project.

More info on:https://shift2rail.org/news/shift-freight-rail-midterm-event-s2r-projects-call-2015-2016-final-event-smart-rail-lighthouse-project/


The SMART Obstacle Detection demonstrator was presented at the InnoTrans2018

More info: https://shift2rail.org/innotrans-2018/

SMART Obstacle Detection SYstem was presented as an invited paper at the RAILCON 2018 Conference

More info on: www.railcon.rs


SMART project final event at the Innovation in Freight Conference (https://shift2rail.org/news/shift2rail-innovation-in-freight-conference/)

Final project presentation

16-17/01/2020 SMART project results were presented at the Kick-off meeting of the follow up project SMART2-Advanced integrated obstacle and track intrusion detection system for smart automation of rail transport (https://smart2rail-project.net/news-events/)