The project will deliver the following project deliverables. The public deliverables will be made available here once they are approved for public release

D1.1    Obstacle Detection System Requirements and Specification

D2.1    Report on selected sensors for multi-sensory system for obstacle detection

D2.2    Design of the passive vibration isolation system

D2.3    Report on sub-systems conformance testing

D2.4    Report on functional testing of fully integrated multi-sensor obstacle detection system

D3.1    Report on algorithms for 2D image processing

D3.2    Report on SMART data fusion and distance calculations

D3.3    Report on real-time algorithm implementation and performance evaluation

D4.1    Identification of relevant information about train classification process and marshalling yard sorting methods

D4.2    Overall framework architecture and list of requirements for real-time marshalling yard

            management system

D5.1    Identification and generation of relevant information and data flow between input and

            output requirements

D5.2    Integration data in unique database of EU marshalling yards

D5.3    Algorithms for modelling and real time optimization of marshalling process

D6.1    Architectural design of the information system for supervision and management of

            marshalling yards

D6.2    Web-based information system for supervision and management of marshalling yards

Note: Please find hereafter the link for free access to the web-based information system demonstrator developed and reported in D6.2:  Deliverable D6.2-Web demonstrator

D6.3    Publicly available library for planning a marshalling process using the developed

            optimization algorithm

D6.4    Information system testing plan with test cases and scenarios

D6.5    Information system testing results for simulation scenarios, integration in Serbia and

            integration in Bulgaria

D7.1    Report on evaluation of developed SMART technologies

D8.1    SMART Dissemination, communication activities and exploitation plan

D8.2    Final plan for using the Knowledge and SMART exploitation roadmap

D9.1    Kick-off meeting report

D9.2    Mid-term / Final regular project meeting report

D10.1  POPD - Requirement No. 1